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Mickey and Minnie Not The Only Stars in Orlando

Monday, April 09, 2012

Orlando, Florida is synonymous with Disney World, SeaWorld, golfing junkets, and some of the most lavish conventions in the world. The city grew up with the growth of the American icon that is Disney and since then has seen multiple tourist and theme park-based industries establish a foothold in this oasis in central Florida. Perhaps not nearly as well-known however, is that Orlando is home to a large, growing, and vibrant video, television and film production industry that is getting quite a bit of attention from some of the bigger names in the business.

The video, film and TV production business in Orlando has a few unique advantages going for it, all of which have helped to spur the phenomenal growth in this industry. For one thing, the Orlando video, film and TV industry has a talented, trained, and experienced workforce to draw from when building their various technical production crews. The fact that so many other related businesses entities such as Disney, Universal, and SeaWorld, are already rooted in Orlando provides the video and TV industry with a training ground and graduation destination for them when hiring and building a reputation for having highly skilled workers and technicians. Another of the many reasons for the growth of video, TV and film business in Orlando is the incredibly desirable climate that lends itself to year-round filming capabilities.

Orlando also enjoys its share of high-tech resources boasting state-of-the-art soundstages and a huge and still growing digital media sector that supports growth in the highly technical world that is the modern film and TV industry. The number of digital media companies now working in Orlando is said to be over 3,000, which is a testament to the strong technological foundation and subsequent growth of the digital media industry in Orlando.

A recent report commissioned by the Florida High-Tech Corridor Council and overseen by the Metro Orlando Film and Entertainment Commission along with New York City consulting firm PWC Consulting identified three main sectors of the industry that have contributed to the growth of the digital media industry in Orlando. They are modeling, simulation, and training technologies, the film and entertainment industry, and the theme parks and tourist attractions in Orlando.

In addition to digital media, Orlando, like many other metro areas of Florida, is also a strong and growing center for other aspects of TV and film production. From feature film and filmed TV shows and made-for-TV movies to music videos, and commercials, Orlando has become one of the largest entertainment producers in the United States. These productions have also led to the incredible growth seen in other aspects of the industry known as post-production services such as film editing, film and tape transfers, titling and subtitling, credits, closed captioning computer-produced graphics, animation, and special effects.

Independent film makers in and around the Orlando and larger Florida market are also making their mark in the industry. These smaller production outfits have benefited tremendously by the rapid spread of affordable technology making lower budget independent films much more significant and has ignited a fire in many aspiring young film makers in the area. The independent film industry in Florida works for a variety of clients including government agencies, corporations, as well as collaborations with other larger, more well-established TV and film studios in Florida.

While Mickey and Minnie will always be the stars in  Orlando, a well-deserved honor no doubt, there are many other entertainment stars in the area and the growing video, film and TV production industry is one of them. Given a host of unique advantages and benefits from being located in Orlando, the industry will continue to thrive and take its place among the top media production centers in the U.S.  

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