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Domino Effect Launches PSA's For Dairy Council Of Florida

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Orlando, October 6 / -- Domino Effect Productions, LLC is pleased to announce that The Company has completed two new PSA's for Dairy Council Of Florida. The Company began working with Dairy Council Of Florida in 2008 to create educational videos that promote healthy eating habits for students.

The campaign is consistent effort to provide teachers and students with education programs and resources to promote balanced nutrition; and to build a positive health and wellness environment. The strategy is to focus on nutrition, physical activity and balancing the dairy foods based on the food pyramid. Since The 1900's  Dairy council of Florida  has been encouraging healthy food choices that will contribute to the efforts that aim at strengthening and supporting healthier environments for all students.

Studies have shown that maintaining strong, healthy bones can be accomplished by getting the recommended amount of calcium daily, being physically active and maintaining body weight in the normal weight range. Children and teens that are inactive and eat inadequate amounts of calcium have increased risk of fracture. Osteoporosis, a bone disease common in older adults marked by lower than normal bone mineral levels, can lead to fractures. Vitamin D is essential to good health because it helps with dietary absorption of calcium. Nutrition experts across Florida are empowering people to make their calories count by choosing nutrient-rich foods.

“We have to start teaching the students to evaluate the long term health effects of an unhealthy diet so that they are less likely to take a gamble with their health, stated Marcus Small CEO of Domino Effect Productions, LLC.  The videos we have provided the Dairy Council Of Florida has been a great educational tool to help promote healthy eating habits among the school districts in Florida.” 



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