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Domino Effect Productions, LLC Promotes Healthy Eating For Orange County Public Schools.

Monday, December 06, 2010

The Company Has Become Official Vendors For Orange County Public School

Orlando, December 6 / -- Domino Effect Productions, LLC is pleased to announce that The Company has officially become vendors for Orange County Public Schools. The Company began working with Orange County Public School in 2009 to create educational videos that promote healthy eating habits for students.  

The Healthy Eating Campaign is consistent with our efforts to curb childhood obesity; the strategy is to focus on Nutrition, Physical Activity and Health. It is of utmost importance that Orange County Public school policies contribute to the efforts that aim at strengthening and supporting healthier environments for all students.

Studies have shown that students tend to perform better when they eat breakfast. Although all students in Orlando and many other cities are offered a free breakfast at school, participation rates are generally low. In an attempt to get more kids to eat breakfast, Orange county public school began serving breakfast to students in their classrooms. The small pilot program has been slowly expanding throughout several cities to include Memphis, New York city, Orlando and Sacramento.

“Eating whatever we like or whatever is convenient is a spontaneous choice and we don’t usually make the best decisions in those cases. We don’t evaluate the long term health effects so we take a gamble with our health, stated Kern Hall  Orange County Public School.  When we look around and see the number of overweight children, it is clear that we must act now."

“The videos we have provided the school district has been monumental in changing the eating habits of  students ; especially the breakfast in the classroom program,”  stated Marcus Small CEO of Domino Effect Productions, LLC. “It is a great accomplishment to become a vendor of OCPS and we are looking forward to adding more schools to the healthy eating program.”

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